Come Sit With Me Awhile

Come Sit With Me Awhile

As I sit upon my little front porch
Embracing the peaceful twilight from afar
Listening to the whispers of precious life
Admiring the heavenly stars

As their beauty add inspiration
For all of us to see
To be so happy in this moment
Should tomorrow not come for me

If God decided to call me home
It is better to say, "I love you" now
Than for your heart
To have never known

I wish for you a world of happiness
I pray you have love in your life
That you never have to suffer
In illness, or strife

The journey of my time on earth
I've cherished each and every day
Embracing and loving those in life
That I've met along the way

So while I sit here, I'll share my heart...
 my memories
With you... I'll recall my years
I'll reminisce with love in my heart
My eyes shall hold only joyful tears

My life has been blessed with so much love
On my face, I'll share my smile
I'll share my little front porch with you
Come sit with me awhile

By Brenda Conley (c) 2002

All I Have To Do Is Dream
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