One Little Sand Dollar

One Little Sand Dollar

I walked the sandy shore all day
My quest… a sand dollar, to call my own
But my trek seemed fruitless and empty
In this treasure to never be known

No prize to hold within my hands
Upon this beautiful day
Only crumbles and tiny pieces
Washed up... along my way

I said, “ Dear Lord, when I was younger
They dotted these beautiful shores
All I ask for this day
Is just, one more sand dollar… to adore ”

I waded out into the shallow waves
Looking at shells scattered here and there
But no sand dollar would grace my seeking eyes
In my joy with others to share

Then as the sun would start to set
I started back to the beach
I felt something touch my feet
It was the lovely sand dollar... I would happily greet

And as I held it in my hands
It moved and crawled around
I looked at it so amazed
In this life that I had found

I never knew they were alive
I thought they… just dirt and sand
A treasure of the purest beauty
I now held within my hands

My prayer had been graciously answered
A blessing… for my eyes to humbly see
In my journey… that seemed to take awhile
Yet, I could not keep it for myself
Even though I shared with it my smile

And there upon the gentle waves
I tossed this precious life… back to the sea
Somewhere on that wonderous and deep ocean floor
I would like to think...
That there is at least one little sand dollar...
Smiling back at me

By Brenda Conley © 2003

Midi "Just A Wish"
is used with permission by the composer
and is copyright (c) Don Gilman

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