You Are My Blessing

You Are My Blessing

To have a friend
To share in all my days
With only the kindest
Of words to say

To share in the good times
The lonesome and bad
When feeling low...Or even sad
You are my blessing

Sharing only words of joy
Of life's wonderful embrace
To see the beautiful smile
Upon your face
That would be my blessing

I myself need no spite
Or angered words sent my way
For the glory of God and all the beautiful blessings
The friendship you've brought my way
Are the only words in life...
That I would ever wish to relay

And if I should ever hurt your heart
In unkindness said to you
I would humbly apologize
Because when your sad... I'm sad too!

And if the Lord should ever look down on me
As I said my words in angers haste
I know in my heart... He would not smile
For if the words could not be said in front of Him
They should have never been said at all

Unkind words do not teach
They rob the grace from the soul
So I'll continue on my friends
Humbly practicing what I preach

And if you wish to read my words
I'll always graciously share
And if you share yours with me
It lets me know you truly care

The Golden rule, I'll always follow
With a happy and joyous heart
Yes, They shall echo onward
In words so wonderfully true
Always do unto others...
As you would have them do unto you

By Brenda Conley 02/10/03 (c) 2003

Midi "Heavens Heartbeat"
Is used with permission by Don Gilman